World Cup 2014


It would be wrong of me not to post about the World Cup; England’s quick exit, Spain’s fall from grace and the almost inevitable prospect of a South American winner.
I’d like to know what you think about the World Cup so far. What has been your favourite game? Who is your favourite player? Who do you think will win? Of course, just like in class, I need to hear your reasons too?
Do you have any World Cup stiories you’d like to share? What about your parents, maybe they’ll have a special moment from World Cup history.
Personally, I’ve enjoyed most of the games and have a top three goals so far:
3. Tim Cahill’s superb volley for Australia v The Netherlands
2. Louis Suarez’second against England
1. The incredible header from Van Persie against Spain – it was a truly world class finish.

Who will win? I think Argentina will, but I’d love to see Costa Rica win it – I’ve got them in the sweepstake!

Mr Cowen

Friendship – Critique

I want you all to think about the topic logs you looked and and critiqued yesterday.
How does the work that we produced link to friendship and what do you think about friendship at this stage of our topic? Have you got any different ideas, or has anything you’ve done or read helped you to form or change your opinons?
Your task is to write a blog about what you think about friendship, what does it mean, how do friendships affect your school life or your life at home? What have you learnt about building friendships, or having to repair friendships, and how might you use these in the future.

I want to read all your thoughts and ideas, because we will then be carrying out an online critique of your blog post!!

Mr Cowen

PE – What to do and what not to do!

London 2012 - Athletics

You may all have noticed that we have a new PE teacher in School. Miss Jones has been ‘loaned’ to us from Heaton Manor to help deliver our PE curriculum and has started teaching gymnastics in Key Stage 2.
There are certain things that we must ALL do to get the most out of this.
1. ALWAYS have your PE kit in school, there is no excuse for missing PE, it is an important part of your learning.
2. ALWAYS give 100% in PE lessons, the more you put in the more you will get out.
3. ALWAYS think about how you can improve your performance, never settle for anything less than your best.

I’d love to know what you think of the gymnastics lessons. Feel free to let me know, you can even suggest ways in which you’d like to improve in PE.
Mr Cowen

Question…Question…Question (Question 1)

Well, I’ve created a challenge called Question…Question…Question.

Here is how it works:

  • Hopefully, I’ll be posting a question every week.
  • I’ll give you two weeks time to guess the answer.
  • I’ll see who is right.

A Rule

  • The only rule is….. if you know the answer you are not allowed to tell anyone OR comment the right answer.

Ok, I’ll ask you the question. The question is….. ‘In how many schools have I studied, including this school?’

Now, few people (on my topic table) know the answer to this. If you are one of them…. DO NOT TELL ANYONE OR COMMENT!! I’m looking forward for you replies. I’ll be coming up with another question for you to guess, in two weeks time (hopefully!).




On Friday 22nd the choir went to the sage.  We first practiced the songs in a hall. It was amazing. We were the only school who sang at the sage. We sang in front of a cafe. We sang songs written by Benjamin Britten to celebrate his 100th birthday (even though he is dead!)  He wrote songs for pupils to sing on Friday afternoons. We sang the songs on a Friday AND we sang them on Benjamin Britten’s birthday. How cool is that! The songs names were:

  • There was a man of newington
  • Cuckoo
  • Old Abram Brown
  • The Jazz Man

They were really good! Guess what, we were mentioned on BBC Radio 4. WE ARE FAMOUS!

I’ll tell you all about the Christmas Carols soon, so bye for now.




On Wednesday 4th of December, the Yr5\6 choir went to Craghall (an eldery house) to sing christmas corals it was brilliant! At the end, we got chocolates (a selection box) ha ha! I bet you are jealous (unless you came!) Mrs.Powley said that we were lovely. I think the 5\6 choir are really luckly because we always get to go where ever Mrs.Powley plans to sing (no offence.)

So thats all.



woodhorn coal mining

Woodhorn, officially Woodhorn – Northumberland Museum, Archives and Country Park and formerly known as Woodhorn Colliery Museum, is located in ashington, Nothfumbaland. The museum depicts the lives of coal mine workers and features original buildings and equipment from the former colliery, including the two headframes, a winding house, other engine houses, a steam winding enginestables, a building with ventilation equipment, a blacksmith and joiners shop, and the office. Several buildings contain original equipment and mining exhibits, while others have been converted to museum exhibit areas or facilities.